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Hot-sale fashinable Colorful ABS quality plastic frame fidget spinner toy


Hand spinner fidget toy can spin with high speed,durable and smooth finger spinner can spin last 3-5 minutes.In 2017,it's the most fashionable games to release prssure,alleviate the hyperactivity disorder, such as anxiety disorders.

Our colorful Fidget Spinner is using hybrid ceramic ball bearing 608,ZrO2 ball with Nylon cage,it can spin 90' at least.

It adopt ABS quality plastic to produce the frame,more economical and environmentally friendly,smooth,durable and colorful !Multicolor optional, not glue.It can replace the bearing.At the same time,it has a high level of playability, and was able to release the pressure.


Adoption of ABS quality plastic to produce,rejecting Burr with high playability and crash resistance.


1.Effectively relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic disorder, ADHD.

Rumors when they install the spinner on the fingertips, their attention will focus on the spinning top.

They will stop shaking legs, back and forth and even smashing hit Bowl, quiet as a kitten.

2. Hand job training

It can exercise your hands work, can not only make your finger dexterity, supporting rotating for a long time, but also makes your fingers tough enough.

3. As if into the stationary space-time

Sounds like a bullshit, but I have to say, this pleasure is language cannot be described.When you stare at it's time, as if time stood still, it brought you into another place and time, everything that is happening around can't affect you.This feeling only when you toggle it to experience.

4.Other funny things


Is not wrestling with it in which direction to go ? Scientific explanation is persistence of vision.

Comparison of our products and others


(Right pictures) Other suppliers' fidget spinner is using ordinary ball bearing,just with nylon retainer.

(Left pictures) Our hand spinner is using hybrid ceramic ball bearing 608,ZrO2 ball with nylon retainer,it can spin more durable and smooth with high speed.

If you require more hand spinner fidget toy product details, please contact me as soon as possible!

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