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Spinning out good luck--Hand spinner fidget toy


At the end of 2016, in the circles of EDC in Europe (EDC:Every Day Carry, the goods carry around every day ) There is uch a thing fires – Hand spinner fidget toy. Slowly on the INS, wantonly spread more and more about the pictures and videos, fingert spinner driving coach gross of the times over those traditional playthings in the hands. Twist beads, walnut, pencil ... Said has met its match. It can beautifully machined and hand over the turning function, attracting the eye of numerous domestic and foreign players.

(You can't describe the feeling, as if it can rotate to take you to heaven)

American EDC Hand spinner finger screw (brass version)

(Details about the stamp/purchase)

Size: 63mm*27mm*9mm

Main cage: brass

Bearing selection: hybrid bearing 608

Bearing assembly using a cap fixation, that is, into the housing and press into CAP, bearing fastening.

Assembly in such a manner as not to hurt the bearings can also allow the player to change a better bearing.

Unscrew the screw, you will see open hybrid ceramic bearings, bearing 608.

Play method

1, using your thumb and forefinger and the middle of the nut
2, struck down the middle finger blades

Of course, the method of operation is not the only, if you like beautiful orchids, and you can pinch it with your thumb and middle finger.

If you are in the second, there is nobody to stop you with Ninja knot techniques use two finger pinch him.

(Straight men who can stare at it until it stops, whatever others told him)

The brass finger spinner, after endless tests, can be guarantee to spin nonstop for 5 minutes.


1.Effectively relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder, manic disorder, ADHD.

Rumors when they install the spinner on the fingertips, their attention will focus on the spinning top.

They will stop shaking legs, back and forth and even smashing hit Bowl, quiet as a kitten.

2. Hand job training

It can exercise your hands work, can not only make your finger dexterity, supporting rotating for a long time, but also makes your fingers tough enough.

3. As if into the stationary space-time

Sounds like a bullshit, but I have to say, this pleasure is language cannot be described.

When you stare at it's time, as if time stood still, it brought you into another place and time, everything that is happening around can't affect you.

This feeling only when you toggle it to experience.

4.Other funny things

Is not wrestling with it in which direction to go ? Scientific explanation is persistence of vision

Hand spinner (color version)

(Details about the stamp/purchase)

Hand spinner (Lighter)

(Details about the stamp/purchase)

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Date:Feb 21,2017

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