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SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings

SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings

. Brand: SKF ( made in Germany ) :

. Type : NJ series Cylindrical Roller Bearing

. Material : Chrome Steel Bearing with Brass Cage

. Dimension : 90×160×30 mm

. Weight : 2.72 kg

. Stock : Ready in Stock

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Model parameters

SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Product Description

Are single row cylindrical roller bearings and have two fixed ribs on the outer ring and a fixed rib on the inner ring which can guide the shaft in a single direction (axially). SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings is original Germany famous SKF brand NJ series brass cage Cylindrical roller bearing with diamension of 90 mm inner diameter, 160 mm outer diameter and 30 mm width.

SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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SKF NJ218 ECM Brass Cage Cylindrical Roller Bearings


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