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High precision 22340-K-MB-C3 FAG Spherical roller bearing High precision 22340-K-MB-C3 FAG Spherical roller bearing High precision 22340-K-MB-C3 FAG Spherical roller bearing

High precision 22340-K-MB-C3 FAG Spherical roller bearing

. Brand : FAG

. Model : 22340-K-MB-C3

. Dimension : 220*400*138 mm

. Weight : 87.4Kg

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Model parameters

High precision 22340-K-MB-C3 FAG Spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are double row, self-retaining units comprising solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings and barrel rollers with cages. The inner rings have cylindrical or tapered bores.The symmetrical barrel rollers orient themselves freely on the concave outer ring raceway. As a result, shaft flexing and misalignment of the bearing seats are compensated.

FAG roller bearingFAG roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings 22340-K-MB-C3

main dimensions to DIN 635-2, with tapered bore, taper 1:12

Spherical roller bearings 22340-BE-XL-K, main dimensions to DIN 635-2, with tapered bore, taper 1:12
Radial loadAxial load in one directionAxial load in two directionsStatic angular error and misalignmentDynamic angular error and misalignmentNot sealedGrease lubricationOil lubrication
Spherical roller bearings 22340-BE-XL-K, main dimensions to DIN 635-2, with tapered bore, taper 1:12
d 200  mm
D 420  mm
B 138  mm
D1 355,1  mm
Da max 400  mm
d2 248,8  mm
da min 220  mm
ds 12,5  mm
ns 23,5  mm
ra max 4  mm
rmin 5  mm
m 87,4  kg
Cr 2440000  N
Basic dynamic load rating, radial
e 0,34 
Y1 1,98 
Y2 2,94 
C0r 2950000  N
Basic static load rating, radial
Y0 1,93 
nG 1830  1/min
Limiting speed
nB 1080  1/min
Reference speed
Cur 225000  N
Fatigue limit load, radial

Product show:

FAG roller bearingFAG roller bearing

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