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CRW6-200 linear bearing IKO bearing from Japan CRW6-200 linear bearing IKO bearing from Japan

CRW6-200 linear bearing IKO bearing from Japan

. Item : CRW6-200

. Brand : IKO

. Origin : Japan

. Stock : Available

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Model parameters

CRW6-200 linear bearing IKO bearing from Japan

Crossed Roller Way Guides (CRW, CRWM) feature a unique design that incorporates a roller cage between two linear ways with V-shaped surfaces that act as track grooves. Because the cylindrical rollers are alternately crossed, this specialized structure can handle loads in any direction while facilitating highly accurate and smooth linear motion.

  • The standard model (CRW) features four ways and two roller cages.
  • The module version (CRWM) combines two inner ways into a single component.
  • Stainless steel versions of the CRW type are available in multiple sizes for superior corrosion resistance.

CRW6-200 linear bearing IKO bearing

Product No. Product No. Product No. Product No.
CRW1-20 CRW3-100 CRW6-100 CRW9-1100
CRW1-30 CRW3-125 CRW6-150 CRW9-1200
CRW1-40 CRW3-150 CRW6-200 CRW12-200
CRW1-50 CRW3-175 CRW6-250 CRW12-300
CRW1-60 CRW3-200 CRW6-300 CRW12-400
CRW1-70 CRW3-225 CRW6-350 CRW12-500
CRW1-80 CRW3-250 CRW6-400 CRW12-600
CRW2-30 CRW3-275 CRW6-450 CRW12-700
CRW2-45 CRW3-300 CRW6-500 CRW12-800
CRW2-60 CRW4-80 CRW6-550 CRW12-900
CRW2-75 CRW4-120 CRW6-600 CRW12-1000
CRW2-90 CRW4-160 CRW9-200 CRW12-1100
CRW2-105 CRW4-200 CRW9-300 CRW12-1200
CRW2-120 CRW4-240 CRW9-400 CRW15-300
CRW2-135 CRW4-280 CRW9-500 CRW15-400
CRW2-150 CRW4-320 CRW9-600 CRW15-500
CRW2-165 CRW4-360 CRW9-700 CRW15-600
CRW2-180 CRW4-400 CRW9-800 CRW15-700
CRW3-50 CRW4-440 CRW9-900 CRW15-800
CRW3-75 CRW4-480 CRW9-1000 CRW15-900


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